Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Make Scented Candles

Candle making can be considered an art form because there are so many different candles that you can create. You can make holiday candles, gel candles, hand rolled candles or even twisted candles. Whatever type of candle you want to make, it is always a good idea to add a nice scent to make the candle more appealing.

Many people like to have a certain scent for the bathroom or the living room. Candles are perfect for filling the air of your home with a certain aroma. Sometimes if you just buy a candle it's hard to get the scent that you were longing for.

If you make scented candles at home, it's much easier to create the scent that you were hoping for. If you want a citrus scent or a something a little more fruity, you can easily create just about any scent with the right oils. If you look online at some candle making sites, there are specific mixtures of oils that create certain scents.

Many candle making sites have fragrance oils right on their site for people that want to make scented candles. They also have some scent mixing ideas. If you want a Carmel apple scent for example, then you mix a carmel scent and a Macintosh apple scent. If you are looking for a dusty rose smell, then you mix 1 part baby powder to 2 parts rose bouquet.

For people that want to make scented candles, the choices are endless. There are the regular scents like vanilla or cinnamon, or you can easily get creative. Check out some scent mixing ideas online before trying to create your own. They may already have a recipe for the the scent that you are looking for. If they don't then you could look at a scent that is similar and go from there. Scented candles are very popular because they are a very easy and appealing way to get the mood that you want, at home or anywhere else.

source : How To Make Scented Candles

Monday, June 30, 2008

Taiwan Lantern Festival - Environmental's Virtual Sky Lantern

Candle Lantern
Every year during the Lantern Festival, thousands of people in Taiwan light such lanterns and send them skyward with prayers - a folk ritual dating back centuries that has counterparts on the mainland, as well as in Japan, Vietnam and Thailand.

Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration this year introduced its "virtual sky lantern" Web site (waste26.epa.gov.tw/skylight), where people can release a digital lantern rather than a real one.The virtual lantern campaign is just the latest front in the battle between the island's environmentalists and other activists.

Source : Taiwan Lantern Festival causes concern for environmentalists

Friday, December 7, 2007

How to Find the Right Aromatherapy Candle Scent


When you burn an Aromatherapy candle, it releases small quantities of essential oils. The chemicals penetrate your body and effect your brain in a certain way. Of course an aromatherapy candle can't cure severe depression or anxiety, but it definitely can help you to relax after a busy day at work.

Not all Scented Candles have a therapeutic effect. For the proper effect, only quality essential oils should be used. Essential oils are derived from plants and herbs. An aromatherapy candle should have display a label that reads "pure essential oils"

Candle, Aromatherapy Candle

Top quality scented aromatherapy candles are made from soy wax or bees wax, not paraffin, which is the material most commonly used in cheap scented candles. It has several disadvantages – being petroleum based it releases harmful soot, which leaves ugly, dark spots on your furniture and is harmful when you inhale it. So it doesn't make much sense to add quality natural essential oils to candles made of paraffin. Look for soy wax aromatherapy candles.

Which scent gives what effect ?

Candle Scent

For mental alertness and improved memory

Ginger essential oils are known to promote courage, confidence, to clear the head and improve memory. So if you have a load of work or study in front of you, a ginger scented aromatic candle is a good choice. Ginger scent also helpful if you feel purposelessness, confused, or lacking direction.


Lavender is one of the most popular scents used in aromatherapy, and for good reason – lavender will help you to relax, feel peaceful, and feel comfortable. It soothes both body and soul. Another scent for relaxation is tangerine, which not only helps you to let go of your troubles but also energizes you and makes you feel happier.

Fight anxiety

Bergamot, lavender and sandalwood are said to help, if you are having anxiety attacks

To combat stress

If stress is a constant part of your life, try to burn a chamomile, lavender or sandalwood scented candle. They produce a calming effect

For a Happy mood

If you are feeling sad for no apparent reason, a bergamot scented candle can lift your mood. Bergamot has many effects – it helps you to calm down, relax and feel happy.

An aromatherapy candle can make you feel happier in many ways. The essential oils not only interact with your body, but seeing a warm and peaceful candle and inhaling a pleasant smell also has a postivie psychological effect. Give yourself a treat.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Candle - More than Decoration


When you breeze by candles in a store, what usually comes to your mind? Decorating? Yes, it's true, candles really create a wonderful accent to any type of decor. However, candles are also used in life events to symbolize certain feelings and emotions. For example, do you realize that candles have been used for years to symbolize unity, new beginnings, hope and remembrance ?

Candles are also a helpful way to bring on desired feelings, for example, healing and romance. It's my hope that by reading this article, you'll appreciate how candles represent much more to all of us than just a cool accent in our homes.

Birthday Candles Symbolize New Beginnings & Entertainment

Have you ever been to a birthday party where there were no candles on the cake? If so, I'm sure you felt like something was missing. Blowing candles out on a birthday cake is tradition! What makes for better entertainment than watching an adorable little child making a wish and blowing out birthday his/her candles? Their eyes are filled with wonder and at the moment they blown out their candles, they are sure that all of their wishes and dreams will soon come true!

Wedding Candles Symbolize Unity

Candles have been used for many years in wedding ceremonies to powerfully illustrate the lifelong unity and commitment that is being created between a bride and groom. Two candles are lit representing the bride and the groom as separate individuals. The candles are then blown out to symbolize the end of the "only thinking of yourself" frame of mind. One larger candle is then lit to represent the one unified life the couple has now created. What a beautiful way to symbolize the love between two people.

Candles are used to HEAL:

Aromatherapy candles have been a trend in the candle industr
y for several years now. Why ? Aromatherapy candles are made with essential oils, which are used to help people feel and create more positive emotion in their lives. For example, a very popular essential oil is Lavender. Breathing in the scent of lavender helps people de-stress and promotes a feeling of peace and calm. Who couldn't use a greater sense of calm in today's hectic world ? So many people today are burning aromatherapy candles because it's a simple way and enjoyable way to benefit from the healing power of essential oils.

Candle Vigils Symbolize Unity, Hope & Remembrance

What do you think of when you see people participating in a candle vigil on a dark night? No matter what the purpose of the vigil is, I see people standing together united, holding on to their burning candles, with the flames representing their deep feelings of hope for their cause. Even when I light a candle in my home at night, the flame gives me a feeling of hope for whatever hardships I may be encountering in my life.

A memory that will always stand out in my mind was a few nights after September 11th. Our Nation was experiencing extreme sadness, anger, terror and grief, but at night, we lit candles at 7:00 and placed them outside to symbolize that we were remembering and praying for those we had lost and for their families. I have never felt such a powerful feeling of national unity in my life.

Candles are used to symbolize ROMANCE:

When it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere at night, candles are a must. Just think about it, when you imagine yourself having a romantic dinner with your special someone, candles are always on the table. Candles really help to set the mood for love, whether it's on the table, relaxing in the living room with your spouse or in the bedroom. There is something about being in a room only lit by candlelight that automatically creates a feeling of romance. Beautiful warm glows soften peoples faces...everyone looks better with candlelight. Candles cast beautiful warm glows on when you see a romantic dinner for candle lit dinners, create a beautiful atmosphere for romance.

As you can see, candles can symbolize different things to different people. No matter why you decide to burn them, candles add such a beautiful, peaceful glow to our world, so keep them burning !

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Candles Display and other Candle Tips


* Layering candle fragrances is a great way to make unique scents and create your own ambiance. Burn a vanilla candle near a strawberry candle to create a, “Strawberry Shortcake” aroma. Or burn a cinnamon candle near an apple candle to create a scrumptious, “Apple Pie”. Remember to light your candles ½-hour before your guests arrive to allow the fragrances time to diffuse in your rooms.

* Before a wedding, or any candle lighting ceremony, it is recommended that you pre-light your wicks. Charring the wicks will allow quick and easy lighting during special ceremonies.

* Removing wax from your holders is best achieved by putting them in your freezer.

* Ensure a tight fit (and prevent tipping) in candle holders by using a wax adhesive. Wax adhesives can also be used under a pillar to make them sit flat on uneven surfaces or to ensure they do not slip.

* Always remove the metal wick clips from the bottom of votive candle holders before inserting another candle to be burned. The metal clips transfer much heat which can cause the container to unnecessarily crack or break.


* Group candlesticks of different heights for more visual impact.

* Votives - always burn votives in votive holders for best results and longest burn times. Votive holders are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, more elaborate ones are decorative elements without any additional work.

* Large floating candles in the pool can really set the mood for your next party. Remove all flammable items from the pool and its edges first.Floating candles always look best in multiples.

* Choose a candle holder for its own style. Being able to burn candles in it is just an added benefit.

* Parties / Showers / Weddings - Use floating candles as table centerpieces. Themed candles make great favors.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Candles and Candle holders to Give as Gifts

For the nature lover consider purchasing a candle. This candle will bring warmth and beauty into any home. Other options include a Butterfly and Flower Freesia-scented candle, male and female cardinal tealight candle holders, double dolphins on a wave, a dried flowers candle set that comes in pastel colors, a 6-piece dried flowers taper set, an eagles plate votive holder with a majestic mountain scene, an elephant basket candle holder along with many others.

For the gardener on your gift list consider a beautiful flower cup candle that holds a vanilla-scented 100% paraffin wax candle with a lead free wick, or a floral wall taper candleholder that brings a hint of the garden into the home. To add a touch of ambience, a set of three floating rose candles is perfect

Native American gift recipients will adore the Girl Plate Votive Holder. It depicts a Native American woman praying to the Spirit in the Sky, as a bald eagle soars on the wind currents over evergreens with majestic mountains as a backdrop.

African American gift recipients will be delighted to receive Black Cherub candleholders with the cherubs holding a torch thats topped with a glass hurricane lamp. Another choice is a brilliant African candleholder that holds three tapers.

Other unique items include a frosted Virgin Mary alabastrite nightlight, a metal rooster candle lamp, polka dot hat and shoe set for ladies in the Red Hat Society, red rose heart- shaped floating candles, a round sea shells candle, safari printed candles, candleholders and candle lamps, friendship candles and much more.

Whatever the occasion, you can easily find the perfect candles and accessories for that special person on your gift list. The selection is fabulous.

Robert Riles III is the co-owner of http://www.skyfireproducts.com,
where you'll find thousands of creative, unique and inexpensive items for your home, bed and bath,
garden and any special occasion in your life.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Candle lantern light up the room, doorway

The gentle flicker of a candle's glow can make festive accent lighting for your room. We show several inexpensive, temporary ways to provide indoor illumination with candlelight.

When redecorating a room, most people first think of painting the walls, buying new furniture and adding new wall features. Renovating your house can be costly and time consuming. However, making drastic changes is not the only way to change the appearance of a room. Adding simple features such as new curtains, elegant light fixtures and candle lanterns can alter the appearance of any room without costing a lot of money. These decorating accessories come in all sorts of colors, shapes and styles that mixing and matching and changing a few of the decorating features can make a drastic change.

While most people think of camping and the outdoors when it comes to lanterns, that is no longer the case. More often than not, designers incorporate unique accessories into a room design that most people would not consider a decoration. By simply adding a candle, an essential camping tool is transformed into an elegant accessory that will accentuate any aspect of the room. Candle lanterns can be used to accentuate an entertainment center, be placed on the center of a coffee table, or hung from the ceiling to create an elegant ambiance.

When it comes to picking out decorating accessories it can be time consuming as well as costly. However, choosing candle lanterns to decorate a room is quick and cost effective. Most lanterns range between twenty and one hundred fifty dollars, making it affordable for everyone. In a time where most people live paycheck to paycheck and are more concerned with putting money aside for retirement then investing it in redecorating their house, it is important to find affordable decorations that still look stylish.